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Pär Dàvidsson


Scandinavian wormwood




Music from the gritty side of life

Download for free and use for temp music, or for use in your project or film. If so Contact me and we will find something out!



Im a composer and songwriter

I started my professionell musical journey in the beginning of the nineties as a songwriter for Air Chrysalis. Finally this ended up with the band The Trampolines, one of many international successful Swedish bands at the time. Thanks to the wonderful people of Sony Tristar Japan, we twice ended up on Sonys compilationrecord "Best hits in the world" with artists and and bands like Mikael Jackson, Oasis, Fugees, Manic street Preachers, Jamiroquai.......( To tell you the truth i don't really think I deserved that)Having kids and running a pop band was a bad combo, this ended up with me starting to write music for Television and brands. I have been working with Samsung, BBC, Lego, IKEA, Lucas Arts, Marvel, Discovery Network, Rakutan,Universal, Asics and many many more. Last year(2019) I had the opportunity to write the score for a documentary about my favourite Swedish soccer player, Marcus Rosenberg. Together with Cellist Gerda Holmquist I wrote the Title music, and we didn't stop writing and recording, It was just to fun. This ended up with the Album Wormwood cello sessions. Scandinavian Wormwood recordings is my haven were I will publish music. You will find interesting collabs  with friends of mine, music that evolvs from the gritty and sometimes darker side of life.


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